Kerala: “Muslims should return to Jihad and should not abide by Indian Constitution”


New Delhi: A suspected Islamic State sympathiser in Kerala, who threatened to kill rationalists belonging to a particular Facebook group, has now appealed his Muslim brethren to return to Jihad or quit Islam.

In his new blog, where the writer is announcing his loyalty towards ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the blogger also urged Muslims not to abide by the Indian constitution.

The new post, with a header -promising to show the way to jihad, appeared on the earlier this month.

Reports say that Kerala police is on the search of the blogger but so far they have failed to nab him.

The blogger also attacked Panakkad Syed Sadiq Ali Shihab Thangal, the Malappuram district president of IUML by saying that the family has used its legacy of being descent from the Prophet.

The blogger further says that blood shed is the only way to achieve the Khilafat and the only relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is of war.

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