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Londonistan: The City Of London Elects A Racist, Pro-Jihadist, Christian-Hating Muslim For Mayor


BY Andrew Bieszad 


The Labour Party (The UK Version of Democrats) is bubbling with excitement over their new “diversity” they have now brought to the most powerful city in the world. The rest of the UK either does not care or is watching with great unease, and by the rest of the UK, I mean the true native- the English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and all the sub-ethnicities. Because their nation is being taken away from them, right before their eyes.

Now this situation did not happen in a vacuum. The British Isles but in particular, England, has been on the decline since the Protestant reformation. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you read William Cobbett’s A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland. A Protestant himself, he concludes that the Reformation violently aborted and destroyed the Medieval system in England, which (and contrary to the myths that we are so often told) provided for a stable society, a more balanced economy, and a religion and culture which bound the people together. For a long time, England was, well, English. It was following the English state’s destruction of the Church that the society began to fall apart, and the plethora of evils which came to characterize English society in the following centuries.

When studied closely, one sees that the Protestant “Reformation” had very little to do with religion at all. Sure, religion did play a notable role, but the motivating issue behind it was nothing less than a baldfaced and brutal power grab by the various European noblemen, in the case of England it being King Henry VIII. This does not even touch the fact that the Ottomans funded the Reformation, especially on the European continent, as a means to divide and conquer Europe from within. Indeed, with the division in religion eventually came apathy towards religion, which was followed by a secularism and rejection of all forms of Christianity.

You might say, “Well, England then went out and conquered the world, so things must not have been that bad” and that is true to a point. The saying “The sun never sets on the British Empire” was true and still is true, considering that certain “sovereign nations” are actually still part of the British Monarchy- Australia, Belize, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and not a few island nations– and not to mention the many other nations in Asia, Africa, and South America that were part of the crown. London became- and still remains- the center of world finance.

The UK did conquer the world- for a time politically and militarily, and still remains in charge financially- but it lost its soul.

Look at the history of the British Isles. So much of the romanticism, the glory, and culture which could be considered truly “native”- be it English, Welsh, or Scotch- all comes from the Medieval Period- when the Church was the center of life in society. Ireland has likewise been severely affected too, but not as badly as “Albion” because Ireland more or less maintained something of their Catholic identity for centuries afterwards, although not so much today.

The fact is that the election of a Muslim mayor of London is in the Muslim minds a confirmation and in the minds of wise Englishmen a warning- Islam is taking over the UK. Indeed, one day the UK will wake up with Muslims in charge and on that day, whenever it comes, there is going to be a sudden change, as always takes place in society. Nothing happens gradually, but rather the buildup is always gradual and the inevitable results of said buildup an exponential event.

What is the vision I see? With a Muslim mayor of London and Muslims in greater positions of power, one day in the not too distant future they are going to turn on the English like a pit bull on its master. When that happens, the English will be given two, possibly three choices from the Muslims- convert to Islam, be put to death or into chattel as a slave, and if they are lucky, go into exile in a foreign nation.

Think about it. This new Muslim mayor has called Muslims who do not support jihad “Uncle Toms”. He has long-standing ties to people with questionable and terrorist connectionsEverything about this guy is questionable- and yet he has just been given the mayor’s office of the most powerful city in the world.

Make no mistake about it, this is a true harbinger of evil times ahead. Read the writing on the wall. The heretical love affair and hatred of the Church which English society and England’s monarchs have so delicately nourished for centuries is coming into final fruition, for if you read my articles, you know that I have repeatedly said, echoing the words of the saints of the Catholic Church, that the final and most complete form of heresy is Islamization, as Muhammad was the heresiarch of haeretists.

If you are in England, as far as temporal actions are concerned, I suggest you either (a) start making preparations to emigrate, or (b) start making contact with fellow critics of Islam who are strong and brave enough to go into physical combat with Muslims, because a civil war is in the making this very minute, and the government is not on your sideIt’s fight or die at this point. 

I leave this idea with The Kinks Living on a Thin Line, which has the famous line “there’s no England anymore” in the song. Think carefully and choose well, as your future and that of your children, namely if “George” and “Henry” will become “Jibreel” and “Hamza,” and your daughters will be veiled, wrapped, and beaten like cattle by an abusive Muslim man whose only mission in life is to submit to Allah and force others to do the same is at stake.

(source : Shoebat)

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