Muslim Nurses refuse to wash hands in UK Hospitals according to Sharia Law


As if there are not enough allowances being made for minority groups, and Islamic’s, Muslim nurses in the UK have now been granted permission to participate in medical procedures without washing their hands.

You are probably feeling a little repulsed at this point, and you should be. Hand washing is the basics when it comes to hygiene and let’s face it the operating room is one place where you really NEED hygiene. It is directly related to stopping the spread of diseases and infection.

I am quoting Jews News when it comes to the reasoning behind this…

The demand first derived from Islamic Sharia Law. Muslim nurses feared that washing their hands in the operating room, “compromises their modesty.” Of course, medical experts argued that not practicing proper sanitation before a procedure compromises the safety of patients instead.

Still, Muslim nurses now have the option to wear disposable plastic over-sleeves, rather than scrubbing their hands.

The Department of Health in the UK addressed concerns about the solution by stating that “the guidance is intended to balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs.”

Now, I don’t know about your but the operating room is not a place for anyone’s cultural beliefs, it is a medical procedure.

It has been said that UK medical officials are taking a few steps to limit the nurse’s exporusre to patients. This still shouldn’t be allowed.

Let’s face it nurses are always short staffed, and if they are on shift they should be working as hard as anyone else, not being limited.

Freedom daily agrees “If washing their hands in public violates their religion, they have the freedom to pursue a different career path.”

Allowing this has now set a precedent for other countries, and that really concerns me.

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments.


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  • Ridiculous appeasement here. Next they can demand they will not serve non-muslim patients.

    In the interests of all mankind, they should stick to sharia compliant careers – wife no. ? and engage in those duties.

  • Why wouldn’t they just clear the room while they scrub?
    Come to think of it, if they are following such a strict interpretation of sharia, what are they doing outside the home without a male family member to escort them?

  • As a patient, I should start demanding Nurse in Hospital Uniform – not Religion Uniform. Jobs should not be given to people who do not follow Organisation requirement – citing Religious obligations. Before releasing job offers – they need to sign – if they do not follow organisation policies – citing Religious Obligations should consider themselves relived from their jobs.

  • while you’re at it, get a pair of clean scrubs and that f**king shit off your face, or go ply your trade somewhere else

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