Muslim Sex Tourism for “one month wife” is on the increase in Hyderabad, India


Hyderabad: The term “Contract Marriage (Mutaa)” is not permissible in Islam but in Hyderabad it is being encouraged by the corrupt “Qazis” in connivance with rich foreigners. One of the victims, Nausheen Tabassum exposed this racket. Her parents took £1,200 from an executive of an oil company in Sudan for accepting their daughter to be his wife for one month on contractual basis.

She narrated her story to police that she was taken by her aunt to a hotel where three other teenage girls were introduced to the middle aged man from Sudan. He was an executive in an Oil company in Sudan. His name was Usama Ibrahim Mohammed (44). He already had a wife and two children in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan. Later, he came to her house where a Qazi performed marriage rituals.

Mr. Vijay Kumar, Inspector of Police told that the groom had paid Rs. 1 Lakh to Mumtaz Begum, aunt of the girl. She paid Rs. 70,000 to the parents of the girl. The Qazi received Rs.5,000. The Urdu Translator who helped the groom and the bride family in translating the conversations from Arabic to Urdu got Rs. 5,000. The girl’s aunt kept R. 20,000 herself. The wedding certificate was issued immediately which also included ‘Talaknama’ (Divorce Certificate) which indicated that the bridegroom would be divorced after a month.

The following day of marriage, the Sudanese groom came to girl’s house and demanded sexual contact but she refused. The girl is very young and the groom looks older than her father. The Inspector of Police further told that her parents assured the groom that they would persuade their daughter to have sex and told the girl that she would be punished if she refused sex with her husband. Instead of obliging the man for sexual activity, she escaped from her house located at Moghalpura, Hyderabad. The Police Patrol Party rescued her.

Later, the police arrested the groom, the victim’s aunt and the Qazi. Police also issued an arrest warrant for her parents. The girl, Nausheen is a minor as per Indian law and hence cannot be married until she attains the age of 18. The girl was a Government rescue home for girls.


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