NEW ISLAMIC FATWA: A father can have lust for his daughter if she is over 9 years old


Diyanet is the highest religious authority in Turkey and the final authority in interpretation of Islam. It controls the country’s 85,000 mosques.

Recently the authority issued a fatwa – an interpretation of Islamic rules – which created intense debate.

To a question from a believer, Diyanet replied that from an Islamic view it had no impact on a marriage “if a father kisses his daughter with lust.”

It was also, according to Diyanet, no sin “if the father looks at his daughter and feels lust.” The daughter must, however, “be over nine years old.”

This fatwa comes shortly after another fatwa from Diyanet, which said that engaged couples should not hold hands, because it could lead to other things, things that are haram (illegal) in Islam. In some countries it could even give grown men a reason to pick up stones and throw them at the couple until they are dead.

Put the two latest fatwas together and it gives a view of sexuality in Islam that is completely unreal and disgusting seen with Western eyes.

“Regrettable error in translations”

The fatwa naturally triggered a storm of outrage online, so much that the page where the fatwa had been was removed. But it is still in circulation, as people have saved it.

Now the head of Diyanet, Mehmet Görmez, tries to fix the scandal and run away from the original fatwa. To the Turkish broadcaster TRT, he says that the dramatic interpretation was due to a regrettable error in translation from Arabic!

The new answer to the question of father and daughter lust now reads, according Diyanet, that incest is a “pathological aberration”.

There is only one problem – which everybody (at least in Turkey) knows. The religious experts at Diyanet are perfectly fluent in Arabic. They never make banal translation errors like this, ever. But of course, they had to come up with some lame excuse and this was probably the least lame they could come up with during the urgent cleric brainstorming meeting.



(Source: Speisa)


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  • I think these muslims should marry their daughters immediately and their children too marry their daughters etc etc…and by this muslims would perish with genetic rot and this would immensely help the world which would then be devoid of this medieval arab terror cum slave cult.

      • You Basterds,
        Are you peoples are Not Shamed ??
        It better to kill yourselves
        Shia says Sunni is Not Muslim
        And Sunni says Shia is not Muslim
        You are insane to Humanity !!!

      • shia fatwa blah blah blah… when you calculating number of muslims in the world and calling yourself fastest growing you counting shias and all other million of sects are all muslims if they reading quran

    • This is the current problem. These miscreants are in the midst of generational incest which is showing up all over the world in the form of belief that they can take over, completely. The bad news (for them) is that we, Christian oriented Westerners will soon begin to take measures which will see them outahere.

    • Fuck you and fuck your Hindu thinking.
      You soon will rot in hell
      Dear asshole if you’re so educated .. you should know that disrespecting a whole religion shows oneself really stupid.
      Youu need to get a life… you Hindu shit ..
      Btw.. your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

      • Hello Mr Baloushii, How are you. Dont blame any religion on. Then we will have to blame ur religion too ok. What happened in Kargil and we defeated you guys. Please keep quite

      • Be Calm, all we are saying don’t have a lust with your daughter and if you think Hindus are Bad. It’s not fair. We respect and Value Islam and its displine. Using foul word is again against Islam. Be wise

      • U fucker whybare u greeting Hindus in it this people will blame Hindus only even if they aren’t able to eat fuckers change ur mindset and get a life

      • You Basterds,
        Are you peoples are Not Shamed ??
        It better to kill yourselves
        Shia says Sunni is Not Muslim
        And Sunni says Shia is not Muslim
        You are insane to Humanity !!!

  • wow. What a Doctrine? Hats Off u guys. The same doctrine says that engaged couples should not hold hands, because it could lead to other things, things that are haram (illegal) in Islam. In some countries it could even give grown men a reason to pick up stones and throw them at the couple until they are dead. Look at the contradiction. No rationale, some stupid dogma.

  • These FATWAS… R….Ridiculoius & Disgusting……..They allow sex with Father & Daughter, bro-sis, baby girls….next…will they allow sex with Mothers……………Can this be allowed in a Civil Society….to destroy the institution of family…………..?

  • That’s totally wrong sisters and brothers , I am a Muslim and married with Canadian beautiful woman , I have 2 kids , I am from Turkey , that’s not my religion at all , who ever said that , he has no brain or he is probably sick . No where you can find this words in Kuran . Or non of this right , can he prove any father married with their own Kids in Turkey , you can’t find any . We all have 1 God , we all his son and daughter , keep your heard clean and don’t believe for this fu. Mothers . If the my religion say this then I will change my religion right away . Also I hate more then you guys those terrorist . Or this kind a person . Merry in turkey must age of 18 with love

    • Don’t leave Islam because of 1 or 2 things in the Qu’ran. Read the Bible and you will find out that Jesus is the truth and that Mohammed lied when he said that Jesus Christ did not die on a cross and was not resurrected. Good luck to you.

      • A decision that you’ll never regret in life if accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. He is Life. He is our Blessed Hope.

        • Have Faith in Humanity, there is nothing bigger than this, religion comes second, humanity comes first.

  • This is non sensical and absolute wrong interpretation of Islam. At one side they say it’s Haram to look at women with lust, at another it’s not a sin to look at your daughter with lust??? That in itself is a sin, spreading lies about a religion, especially when its teachings are your responsibility. This is yet another example of misuse of the power or position given to people. Diyanet is full of crap. These are the people ruining our religion. Disgusting.

    • Being a mindless apologist is obviously easier than having the courage to accept the FACTS.


      GROW some SPINE please and smell some fresh coffee!!

    • I agree. Im sure the majority of Muslims are fine decent people. But their are some who are absolute monsters. And you know this is pretty much how it is all over the world. Lots of sick pricks among us in all ethnic groups. Peace

      • Okay so lets think guys. We have a million muslims who want to enter our country as refugees right? Most of them are not terrorists or criminals you say? OK! So lets play russian roulette! 1 out of 6 chance to die! I`m sure none of you would dare to play russian roulette!

      • No. Majority of muslims are not decent people.

        One cannot be a “decent muslim” any more than one can be a “decent Nazi”. If hitler is your most revered person in history and your favorite book is Mein Kampf and you say “heil hitler” while doing a nazi salute, then you can’t claim to be moderate/decent.

        Similarly if that child-abusing mass-murdering, mohammed, is your most revered person of history, who you try to emulate in all aspects of life, and the koran, with all its intolerant/barbaric teachings, your favorite book, then you lose all claim to be called a moderate/decent person. Both Nazism and Islam are diabolic and vile ideologies.

        So if a muslim wants to be a true moderate he should leave the barbaro-fascistic cult of islam and join any other religion of their choice or even become an atheist. There is no room for re-interpretation here. All re-interpretations I have heard involve mental-gymnastics of ridiculous proportions. Imagine re-interpreting Nazism.

  • To this fatwa guy or whoever the hell he his. They say sometimes wishes can come true . And so i wish with all my heart to be able to stand befor you some day. Then the next move would be to knock your fucking teeth down your throat you sick piece of shit. On the mean time have a nice heart attack or something ok.

    • Dear all brothers and sisters i am a Muslim and for your kind information this fatwa is totally wrong and against Islamic law there is nothing as such in Islam and i sway this is an controversy being played by some anti Islamic people who are spreading these rumors against the religion. And the scholar who issued this fatwa should be kept behind the bars for insulting our religion.

      • Yes, i am sure no religion will preach this. But there are some people who will do it in the name of allah. The most disapointing part of muslims is be it right or wrong it was allah who helped, why will allah help something wrong u wanted sme one to het fucked and if it happens allah ka karam hai. But why will allah support u for bad to happen. If u say he is above all and treats everyone the same why wld he do that. Islam is a very holy and nice religion with some mad and mental people following and leading it. Why dint u ask sme other muslims to be punished when they do terror attacks in nme of allah that time islam religion is not hurted. This people are stupid religion not to be blaimed and its thet upbringing to be blaimed.

  • All the muslim idiots above 50 years old should be killed within one day. New world should be build with new generation muslims with clear believes and rules.
    Old blood muslims are spoiling the new generation people with their fucking rules in the name of God.

  • Dirty pedophile life wrecking bastard put him in front of me I would cut his dick of fucking beasts what is wrong with this world

  • Bros and sis.. Please understand.. Islam is different and muslims are different… Muslims are divided in to two shea… And sunni… This is a shea fatwa… There are lots of muslims who came with malpractices. Dont blame islam.. People do mistake… Dont blame an entire religion!

  • These are islam is certainly a bastardize Toilet bowl.
    Like Nazism this Fuck Islam should be removed from this planet and in the Universe

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