No defense lawyer for Pakistani Christian accused of ‘Blasphemy’ against Islam

On May 8, Tuesday Pakistani Christian embroiled in worst ever blasphemy case in country’s history appeared before the court. Respondent Nadeem Samson who has been seeking legal assistance since he was accused has failed to find a lawyer yet. He was accused of committing blasphemy in November last year.

His case became worst ever as the FIR no. 123 registered against him invokes most sections as has never happened before. Police has charged him with Sections 295A , 295C, 298A of the Pakistan Penal Code. Moreover, 12 other sections including 3/4 ,11/13 ,14/16, 20, 419, 420, 468, 471,109 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Nadeem Samson was arrested by the police on November 24, 2017. He was taken to an unknown location. Since then, none of the lawyers or NGOs has agreed to provide legal assistance to him. 44-year-old Nadeem appears before court but no progress is made in this case because there is no defense lawyer.

Details emerge that Nadeem has been embroiled in this case on the grounds of property dispute with a Muslim man Abdul Haq. Abdul Haq has illegally seized property of Nadeem’s uncle. Subsequently, Nadeem offered to pay cost of the property to Abdul Haq and get his uncle’s property back. It has been alleged that in the course of transaction, Abdul Haq laid hands on Nadeem’s National Identity Card caopy (CNIC) and bought a SIM that was registered with Nadeem’s ID card copy.

Abdul Haq used the SIM to send derogatory messages using Facebook. After sometime, Abdul Haq plotted to get rid of Nadeem and conspired against him. Police hooked Nadeem and burnt his house in Lahore, charging him of committing blasphemy. At the same time, police hunted for his brother and family in order to arrest them too. Nadeem’s family went hiding in order to save their lives.


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