Norway : 5 Muslim Migrants Arrested For Raping a Girl Near Asylum Centre after dragging her in a house nearby


A 20 year old woman has been taken into a house and raped by up to 5 migrant men near the center of Kongsberg, Norway

Altogether five asylum seekers have been arrested in connection with this case.

According to the local newspaper Laagendalsposten the police were notified about the case at four o’clock on wednesday morning. The five arrested are all young men of foreign origin.

– She was on the way home from the city and some minutes before 4 O’clock she has been dragged into a residential building. She has been raped by one or several men, said crime chief officer Morten Ole Pedersen at Kongsberg police station.

The woman has been questioned and police will talk more with her after she has rested. The arrested ones are kept in jail in Drammen and will be questioned continuously.

– The five have refugee status as indicted but that does not mean that everyone has been involved in the incident, said the crime chief officer.

There will be a decision about those who are brought to custody based on what appears in interrogations.

Full Story In Norwegian Here

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  • Norway should stop wasting funds and resources on such rapists and just hang them.
    Why send them to prison and finance their lives with taxpayers’ funds with possibility of them coming out at some time and probably repeating the rapes. Prison terms may only encourage others to follow the example of the rapists.
    May be the family/friends should also be charged for being accomplices or supporting the rapes by not disciplining the rapists and in some cases even praise them for their ‘manly’ actions.

    Other countries may want to seriously consider extreme punishments to those with such heinous crimes against the innocent.

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