Pakistan: Family kills 17 year-old girl married to 50 year-old man ‘for not giving birth to a male child’


A teenage mother was killed in the name of ‘honour’ by her in-laws as she was unable to ‘give birth to a baby boy’ in Charsadda district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) on Wednesday.

Saadia, 17, was married to Kamil Khan, 50, who tied the knot a year ago.

“This was Khan’s second marriage as he was unable to have a male child with his first wife,” Latif, the victim’s father, told The Express Tribune.

“I have seven daughters and my family is living in abject poverty so I was forced to marry her [daughter] to a man older than me,” Latif said, adding, “In the beginning they were happy but the relationship soured after my daughter was unable to bear children.”

The victim’s father went on to say: “Once things were on the rocks I told her to come back to my home but out of pride I told her to come back.”

“Last Friday, I was informed that she was divorced by her husband and thrown out of their house,” he added.

The father said she came back home but her in-laws abducted her and took my poor daughter back to their residence in Mohmand Agency.

Subsequently, local authorities reached their home but to no avail as Saadia had been killed by her in-laws by then.

“I’ve implored the political administration to arrest the culprits but the police have not taken any action as they say it is de-facto tribal area,” he said.

Assistant Political Agent Lower Mohmand Tauseef Khalid told The Express Tribune that the authorities have arrested one of the culprits with an investigation is underway in the area to arrest the rest.

A police official told The Express Tribune that a case can’t be registered in the tribal area, as it is disputed.

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