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Qatari Princess Shaikha Salwa’s Sexual Encounter With Seven Men


(London, UK) — Qatar a tiny Persian Gulf Peninsula albeit vastly affluent and notorious for supporting Al Qaeda-inspired terrorists in war-scarred Syria , has tarnished its already infamous reputation by causing an ignominious scandal involving a female member of royal family.

In spite of the Qatari Royal Court (Diwan Amiri) desperately seeking to somehow vindicate this public disgrace ,paying no attention to this dishonorable sin, the Qatari King , a close US ally, allows private wahabi charities (wahhabism is a Saudi-based deviant so-called Islamic sect) to raise billions of dollars for CIA-backed Al Qaeda rebels in Syria.Qatar has also been a big source of arming dozens of fanatic militias in Iraq and Syria, in order to overthrow the democratically-elected establishment in those countes.

The 34-four-year-old Qatari Monarch (Tamim bin Hamad) has once purportedly said: “I’m not a patriarch for my family member’s because Qatar is not actually a country or a nation, rather it is a big Natural Gas and Oil firm, and thus I grant this natural privilege to all my siblings to enjoy their own private carnal desires”.

The British newspaper ‘Financial Times’ revealed on Thursday a heavy-caliber scandal when the British security service (MI6) with the assistance of Scotland Yard had broken into a sumptuous room in Excelsior London Hotel after receiving many complaints, only to find the Qatari Princess engaging in shamful orgy with seven men.

According to the newspaper, the Scotland Yard was surprised when it checked the ID of the female culprit only to find that she is a Qatari princess and discovered her in the most obscene position , having sex with seven Europeans men inside the room.The Princess, during the preliminary investigation openly admitted that she is a member of Qatari Royal Family, and King’s half-sister.

She also had admitted that through a Saudi intermediary [pimp]she brought in men of special physical qualities who have specific experiences ,in exchange of a exorbitant money.

The Qatari Princess asked her Saudi intermediary ,this time, to bring seven men at once altogether , and asked him to stay in the hotel lobby during the nightl until all seven men leave, for fear of possible violence by anyone of them, as had happened previously in past secret visits.

The princess also admitted that her intention was not to damage her country’s reputation and as far as she knew this was not in violation of the British law.Ironically, police reminded her it is against the British law to use men who had a criminal record.

A source within the ‘Financial Times’ divulged the story , though the case will not affect the Qatari-British relationship as the Princess enjoys the diplomatic immunity.

The British police notified the Qatari Embassy of the incident, but the latter did not care at all about anything other than preventing the scandal to be further disclosed.

‘Financial Times’ tried to obtain further details regarding the story , but the Qatari Embassy sought to prevent the scandal from spreading by trying to bribe local newspapers –£500 million– , but ‘Financial Times’ allegedly rejected the alluuring offer, and has published the story.

Source: middleeastpress.com & www.ft.com

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