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Saudi Arabia: Filipino Maid Dies After Being Brutally Raped by Employer


Woman reportedly pointed at employer when asked who abused her.

A Filipino maid has reportedly died in Saudi Arabia after seeing her alleged rapist in the hospital where she was confined.

Imra Edloy, 35, was rushed to King Salman Hospital in Riyadh on 13 August with severe injuries suspected to be from sexual assault. She fell into a coma soon after arriving in the hospital.

While she was unable to identify her attacker, before falling unconscious she pointed at her employer when asked who abused her, ABS CBN News reports.

“The DFA will continue to do whatever is necessary for Ms Irma Edloy and her family,” Charles Jose, a spokesman for the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs, told GMA News Online, “including the repatriation of her remains and legal action against the perpetrator, especially if the legal report indicates that Ms Edloy passed due to her wounds from any maltreatment.”

Ms Edloy suffered cardiac arrest several times and was revived, but died on 18 August. Nurses reportedly said her underwear was covered with blood when she was first treated in hospital.

Saudi authorities are currently investigating whether she was raped.

Earlier this year, a 25-year-old Indian woman was allegedly tortured to death by her employers in Saudi Arabia.

The family of Asima Khatoon, who went to the Gulf state to work as a house maid, claimed she had previously complained of being mentally and physically harassed before she died.

In a phone call made several weeks before her death, she reportedly asked her parents to rescue her.

Last year, a Saudi diplomat was accused of repeatedly raping two of his maids he held captive in his luxury apartment new New Delhi, India.

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