‘Suck My Circumcised C*ck You Nazi Wh*re’ : Synagogue Attack Terrorist Mahmoud Rabea To Judge


A terror-trial following the fatal 2015 Copenhagen shootings at a free speech event and a synagogue has witnessed a shocking outburst by the defendant as he called the judge a “Nazi”.

by Oliver JJ Lane

31 year old Mahmoud Rabea is one of four men now being tried for aiding and abetting terrorist killer Omar el-Hussein, who went on a shooting rampage with a stolen army rifle, killing two civilians and wounding five police officers.

Sitting in his preliminary trial on Friday, Mr. Rabea spoke to his girlfriend, who had come to support him from the public gallery. He was warned by the female judge this was against Danish court rules, to which he made an angry outburst.

Although his exact words could not be heard over the already loud courtroom, Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet reports he could clearly be heard inviting the judge to suck his “circumcised cock”, and insulting her by calling her a “pig” and a “Nazi whore”. Mr. Radea is now to be charged with insulting Jugde Marianne Madsen, a crime which if convicted could add a further six months to his anticipated terror sentence.

The rest of the trial will now be conducted in his absence, with Mr. Radea contributing by link from a separate room when required.

Mahmoud Rabea stands accused of not just assisting Omar el-Hussein in his murderous terror attack, but encouraging him. The court has heard how after el-Hussein returned to his hideout after failing to kill intended target Lars Vilks at a freedom of speech event, Rabea told him to go out again with his rifle and attack a synagogue.

Mr. Rabea is accused of helping el-Hussein of looking up the location of the synagogue on the internet, while they laughed and joked about the killing. .

When he made it to the synagogue, el-Hussein fired at and killed a Jewish security volunteer, who was helping protect a Bat Mitzvah going on inside. He was later killed by police firearms officers as he attempted to return to his apartment.

The four men alleged to have helped out el-Hussein are also accused of having helped him to dispose of the assault rifle after the attack, and of supplying and possessing ammunition.

The four men face life imprisonment.


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