Sweden: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” smashes up Malmo church, desecrated St. Paul’s statue


“Police suspect that the man went to the attack on the church because it is a symbol of the Christian faith.” A very justifiable suspicion indeed. This man was arrested for vandalism, but this is not an isolated incident. This man has manifested attitudes that will continue to show themselves in Swedish society, and will cause increasing conflict.

A man broke Sunday night in St. Paul’s Church in central Malmö and vandalized it, including by breaking the window panes. It will be investigated as a hate crime, said Jimmy Modin at Skåne police to the Free Times.

It was three o’clock in the night of Monday, police received an alarm if someone broke into the church from the 1800s and was about to smash the windows and doors. When police arrived at the scene the man went instead to attack them.

– He tries to beat patrol with a träpåk or stick of some kind, says Skåne police spokesman Jimmy Modin for free times.

Police patrol was forced to use pepper spray to overpower the aggressive man.

– He was arrested for vandalism, trespassing and attempted violence against official said Modin.

– As I understand it, he had also made their way into the church, hence the hacking crime of.

Hate crime

Police suspect that the man went to the attack on the church because it is a symbol of the Christian faith.

– It will be investigated as a hate crime, says Modin.

There are media reports that the man should have shouted “Allahu Akbar” in connection with vandalism of church. Malmo police spokesman Lars Performed Tell would not confirm the details, but said the man shouted something.

– His actions suggest that he has given himself the right church because it is a religious symbol, he says.

– He shouted things and express things, but I have no concrete information on exactly what it is.


Lars Performed Tell tell the police even at eleven o’clock in the morning, do not know who the arrested man is, his age or where he comes from.

– We have no identification yet so we do not know what it is for citizenship, he said.

Did you have an interpreter to question him?

– I have no indication right now.

– We have not kept proper interrogation yet, but will do so gradually.

It is unclear if the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he went on the attack against the church.



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