Swedish Woman Knifed in Her Doorway by Iraqi Immigrant Mohammad, Now Deported


40-year-old Iraqis have now been sentenced to psychiatric care for a bestial knife attack on a Swedish young mother in Östersund. The woman miraculously survived the deadly attack despite extensive damage.

On 19 April this year Mohammad knocked on the woman, who lived in the same area as him. He showed a document he received from the police and asked if she was the one who was behind it.

When the woman, who are in their 30s, gave the “wrong answer” began Iraqi overwhelm her with stab wounds. The woman received the judgment “a life-threatening wound in the neck, deep wounds in the face, wounds on the right chest, left thigh and on both hands and underhudsblödningar”.

A neighbor who heard the cry in the stairwell and saw a man with bloody arms leave the house alerted the police at 10:31. The police were on the spot a few minutes later, “noted the extensive blodbesudlingar in the stairwell,” and therefore broke into the woman’s apartment.

The daughter sat next to the blood pool

“There, they found her lying on her back in bed which was very bloody. She was stabbed in the face and neck, but showed signs of life. Next to her sat a small child who turns out to be NN’s 1.5 years old daughter,” says the judgment.

Despite the life-threatening injuries the woman managed to survive thanks to timely care. A physician who testified during the trial judged that she had not survived more than 5-10 minutes without care.

According to a forensic psychiatric report Muhammad committed murder under the influence of a serious mental disorder. He therefore sentenced to psychiatric care for attempted murder.

The reason is very clear.

– She tries in the racist spirit destroy me, explained Muhammad in the police interrogation.

But he was not familiar with the woman more than they were neighbors.

Soft expulsion again and again

40-year-old, who received a permanent residence permit in Sweden in 2003, has previously been convicted of multiple violent crimes but has repeatedly escaped deportation.

In August 2005, he was sentenced to ten months in prison for gross violations of women, but was paroled less than six months later. In March 2010, Iraqi convicted again of violent crime, the time for assaulting a colleague at one of Samhall’s workshops in Jämtland. He is also convicted of including violent resistance and drug offenses.

This time, however, Östersund District Court judge that it is time to send the man home to Iraq.

“The crime is with regard to the harm, danger and violation it has brought to the plaintiff so serious that the accused should not be allowed to remain in the country,” writes the District Court in its judgment.

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