Switzerland: Muslim attacks Christians on way to Christmas mass, one dead, three injured


Christians were attacked with knives — still the weapon of Islam — as they were going to Mass this Sunday morning at Our Lady of Longeborgne in Bramois.

Update Monday 26 December: Police investigators discovered the body of a fourth victim, a deceased man, in bed in La Borgne, belonging to the same family as the other three victims, at 3:30PM.

Police now suggest that the culprit may have fled.

On social networks, eyewitnesses spoke of a knife attack against three faithful, one of whom was seriously wounded, on their way to the Hermitage of Longeborgne.

One of them succeeded in crossing the roadblock constructed by the attacker, and arrived in Longeborgne with his face in blood. He was taken to the hospital as soon as the police arrived. According to the priest, his condition was not worrying, but another victim was reportedly found by the police lying on the ground and seriously wounded.

“There was no mass, for the faithful were stopped by a person who assaulted them. It was probably a knife,” said Father Francis, rector of the Hermitage. One of the wounded was able to reach the holy place and was treated on the spot, before being taken in by rescue services. The three people stabbed were two women and one man. The latter was seriously injured….

The Prosecutor’s office has not formally released the facts of the case or the identity of the aggressor, but unofficially, the trail of a jihad terror act would be dismissed without explanation.

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  • this is the consequence that one pays for not using one’s brain and admitting members of a cult of death …..this is the karmic consequence of willful stupidity …how sad.

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