Ticking Bomb: 43,000 Islamic Extremists Now in Germany Waiting For The Right Moment, says Experts


A STAGGERING 43,000 Islamist fanatics are roaming the streets of Germany, authorities have warned.

Security services say the number of extremists has been steadily rising in recent years, mainly due to an influx of Salafists, a particularly conservative sect of Islam

Authorities are aware of around 8,650 people that belong to the Salafist wing while around 1,100 people in Germany are identified as “Islamist terrorists”.

Among those are 500 so-called troublemakers – people whom the police believe are capable of committing a terror attack.

That is the highest on record, suggesting terror attacks in Germany are more likely than ever.

Some of those are Germans who have travelled to Syria and Iraq to receive training before returning to their homeland.

More than 800 Germans have left the country to fight with ISIS, with an unknown number already back in Germany.

Others deemed to be a high terror risk have posed as refugees and travelled to Germany as part of the million-strong wave of migrants.

But Europe’s most populous country is also experiencing a surge in right-wing violence and crime.

Germany recorded 1,408 violent acts carried out by right-wing supporters last year – a more than 42 percent rise from the previous year.

There were also 75 arson attacks on refugee shelters, up from five a year earlier, according to an annual report by the BfV domestic intelligence agency published in June.

Germany is struggling to integrate the unprecedented influx of foreigners and that has exacerbated tensions between groups.

Yesterday, armed commandos arrested a man with Islamist links who was suspected of planning a bomb attack on a festival.

German special forces detained the 27-year-old in the town of Eisenhuettenstadt, east of Berlin.

Police said he was suspected of stockpiling materials that could be used as explosives.

Germany was hit by four separate attacks last month, including an axe-wielding Afghan refugee who stabbed passengers on a train near Wurzburg and a Syrian refugee who carried out a suicide bombing at a music festival near Ansbach.


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