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Turkey: 9-year-old orphan boy sexually abused by mentor in Quran lessons


A nine-year-old orphan boy has reportedly been sexually abused by his 17-year-old mentor in a Quran course in the eastern province of Ağrı.

The boy, identified only by his initials U.P., was brought to the boarding school, which focuses only on Quran classes, after his parents died.

The boy was staying with the 17-year-old mentor, identified only as Y.K., in the same course for a year. The nine-year-old said he was sexually abused and later threatened by the teacher.

After the incident was reported, the Ağrı Penal Court sought the teacher on charges of “sexually abusing a child,” “depriving one’s liberty” and “wounding.”

The court demanded up to 25 years in jail for the suspect.

Meanwhile, another investigation was launched against other teachers of the course, accusing them of “failing to inform the known crime to authorities.”

The victim’s lawyer, Mehmet Mağal, said officials from the Quran course who saw wounds on the victim’s body should also be tried.

The suspect denied the accusations, but was later arrested and jailed.

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