Uganda: Muslim mother-in-law poisons baby to death for being fed during Ramadan by Christian mother


A female infant in Luuka District in Uganda was poisoned to death by her Muslim in-laws after her Christian mother ate during the daytime fasting period of Ramadan, according to local sources.

In an interview with Morning Star News, 24-year-old Angel Nabirye said her mother-in-law Nubu Kiiza asked her on June 16 why she was eating food during Ramadan. The Christian mother explained that her baby was sick and needed to be breastfed. Although non-Muslims and sick young children are not required to fast during the holy month, Kiiza told Nabirye’s husband Ayubu Meddie Kamwa that his wife failed to observe Ramadan.

The next morning, Kiiza visited Nabirye and brought herbs for the sick baby. Unfortunately, the infant died three hours after the Christian mother gave the herbs to her child.

“She brought some herbs for my baby, Saidha Namwase, which I gave her,” Nabirye told Morning Star. “After three hours, the condition of the baby worsened, and I rushed her to Iganga Hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival at 4 p.m.”

After some tests, a doctor reportedly concluded that Nabirye’s baby died of poisoning.

Persecution of Christians continues to be prevalent in Uganda. On June 4, 50-year-old evangelical preacher Yokannah Zirinkuma was found dead a few meters from the suspect’s house. The Christian Times notes that the victim had received threats from unknown Muslims after he got involved in a heated debate when he preached in the village of Kasasira in Kibuku District two weeks before he died.

An unnamed Christian convert showed Morning Star a letter that Zirinkuma had received. The letter, which was written in Arabic, told the pastor to stop “misleading” Muslims or else face Allah’s sword of judgment.

Pastor Samuel Keffa of the Kadama Church of Uganda recalled that Zirinkuma told him about three Muslims who had followed him from the village to the church where he attended a seminar. Keffa said his friend feared for his life at that time.

Based on the autopsy on Zirinkuma’s body, the Christian pastor was strangled by his attacker. Authorities arrested a Muslim named Ibrahim Mwede who approached the minister after the seminar and invited Zirinkuma to stay at his house for the night.

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