UK: More than 500 Muslim child sex groomers from the same city face deportation


Police have passed their details to the Home Office after smashing a giant sex ring run by taxi drivers in Newcastle.

They face deportation for posing a high risk of causing harm.

The astonishing figure includes sex groomers, human traffickers, modern slave masters and other high risk foreign cyber crime and domestic abuse offenders.

Not all have been convicted. Some are merely suspects.

Officers found eight separate crime gangs running child sex rings across the city.

All 18 members of one were jailed after girls as young as 14 were plied with booze and drugs and forced to have sex with multiple partners.

Flats are being rented online to stage drug-fuelled “pop-up parties” where children are abused.

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Police have issued 220 child abduction notices warning suspects still at large they will be arrested if they approach youngsters.

Muslims grooming gangPolice said 60 taxi drivers suspected of “sexual exploitation” had been suspended.

Newcastle Council also said 29 taxi licences had been suspended while two have been revoked, while 10 court orders have been issued to stop slavery and trafficking.

Officers have also raided 60 premises and seized illegal booze and cigarettes worth £30,000, which were used to lure girls.

A police and crime panel report into the operation said: “It is difficult to overstate the positive impact of Sanctuary.”

But it said sex gangs were still operating in the area.

The report said: “Social media platforms assist perpetrators to contact and groom victims. Northumbria Police and the safeguarding partnership recognise the signs and indicators of sexual exploitation.”

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