UK: Turkish Muslim, 66, fatally stabs four women in supermarket parking lot


He had been released from custody just hours before the knife attack.

Ethem Aydin Orhon, 66, of Hampton, West London, will appear in custody at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court today after yesterday’s unprovoked knife rampage.

He had been released from custody just hours before the attack in West London.

The women, aged 71, 67,62, and 53, were taken to hospital and are now described as stable, the Metropolitan Police said.

Shocking pictures showed a woman being treated outside the local police station after staggering there having been brutally knifed at the nearby store.

It has now emerged that the stabbing suspect had been arrested on Thursday on suspicion of being in possession of a knife and assaulting a police constable.

But he was released from custody on Friday morning – just hours before the knife attack – ahead of a court appearance next month.

A woman with life threatening injuries was rushed to hospital in an air ambulance after cops and paramedics arrived at the scene at Sainsbury’s in Hampton at around 10.45am yesterday.

Cops arrested the suspect at the scene and was taken to a South West London police station.

Witnesses said they saw him holding a knife and chasing people.

The alarm was raised by one of the victims who heroically managed to stagger to a nearby police station after being stabbed.

When police arrived they found three women suffering from stab wounds and a fourth with potentially life threatening injuries.

An air ambulance landed and rushed one of the injured women to hospital, while the other three were treated by paramedics.

A Sainsbury’s employee said she saw one woman on the floor with paramedics around her.

Ben Brady, 30, who owns Jen’s Salon next door to where one of the victims was treated, said the first victim was stabbed by the pub before the attacker moved on to another area of the car park.

“She had no idea what was going on,” he added.

Mr Brady said the man was “waving a knife” and then approached women as they were getting out of their cars.

“I went over to see if I could help the ladies and that’s when the police came.”

An eyewitness described the scene as “horrific” and said she saw the victims lying on the floor bleeding.

She told ITV London: “I could see bodies lying on the ground. There was an elderly lady just lying down beside the police station. I tried to help, she had the police there and paramedics.

“I could see this poor lady with blood coming out of all different parts of her body.”

She said one of the victims was her neighbour, Janice, and added: “She was stabbed three times in the chest, back and arm.”

A member of staff at the nearby Hampton Pub said the knife man was only targeting women in the unprovoked attack.

The woman, who did not want to be named, added: “It’s so awful – four women have been stabbed in the car park. He only went for the women.

“The man ran through and started attacking them. It didn’t seem like they knew him it was completely unprovoked.

“One lady is in very bad condition, she had to be air-ambulanced out.

“If it had been 10 or 20 minutes earlier there would have been children there because it’s right outside a primary school.

“He was caught very quickly just outside the car park.

“He appeared to be out of it, on drugs or crazy. He must have been very angry to go out and unprovokedly stab those women.

“The woman who was badly stabbed in the back made it up to the police station and raised the alarm.

“She is well-known locally and always goes shopping there all the time.”

Cops have said the use of a taser was threatened during the arrest but was not used, and they currently do not belive the attack to be terror related.


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